Monday, July 11, 2011

Four Way Race Could Spell Doom for Burton in 2012

Several sources are reporting that folks are lining up to take on Representative Dan Burton in Indiana's newly-drawn 5th Congressional District.

The 5th is much more compact these days and now includes some more hostile ground on Indy's Northside for the 2,000,000 term incumbent who will celebrate 30 years in Congress if reelected in 2012. Personally, with the quality of candidates running this time, I think that Burton may definitely be in trouble this time.

Former Rep. David McIntosh is one of the big names thinking of entering the race, according to the Associated Press. McIntosh ran for Governor in 2000 against Frank O'Bannon and hasn't been in Congress since 2001. Mike Pence won that seat in 2000, and he has been the seat holder ever since. Like Pence, McIntosh is very conservative.

Another interesting name being floated for that seat is former U.S. Attorney Susan Brooks, according to WISH-TV's Jim Shella. Brooks would be a conservative but much less conservative choice than either McIntosh or Burton.

Dr. John McGoff is also running again for the seat in his third bite at the apple. McGoff ran a great race his first time out, but he was lost in the shuffle with the other six candidates (including Burton) in the race in 2010. Shella writes that McGoff is a little annoyed that others are stepping into a race he's been committed to.

In 2010, a whopping 29 percent of the voters sent Burton to the GOP nomination in the May Primary. He won reelection in a landslide over the overmatched Tim Crawford, a DINO of all DINOs with 62 percent of the vote.

This is different this time with Brooks, McGoff, and McIntosh in the race against Burton. These are some pretty heavy hitters. Burton could find himself finishing fourth.


Paul K. Ogden said...

These "heavy hitters" are no heavier than the ones who took him on last time. All the pols against Burton last time were experienced politicians who had run for and/or served in elected officies. A multi-candidate field favors Burton by splitting the anti-Burton vote.

Anonymous said...

There is word that a Democrat state representative in the district is on the verge of announcing a run against Burton. A credible Democrat against Burton should have a shot.

Anonymous said...

As long as the republican establishment uses no discipline and lets several candidates run, Burton is in office as long as he wishes. If the GOP really was embarrassed by his behavior, they would have a "come to Jesus" meeting and leave with 1 candidate.