Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fifth District Council Race Provides Interesting Match-up

When Ed Treacy named Jackie Butler to run for the City-County Council in District 5, it certainly made things very interesting.

National blogger and friend of this blog, Bil Browning, riffed on this over on the Bilerico Project, and I think his point is worthy of note. Butler, who is openly gay, is trying to unseat Cain who, according to Browning, is "an extremely anti-gay incumbent."

Browning writes:
Back in 2005, then-Bilerico contributor Seth Kreigh e-mailed Councilor Cain about supporting a proposed human rights ordinance that included sexual orientation and gender identity. Cain responded by saying that being gay is an "unhealthy lifestyle" and is "meant for destruction of human beings and our civilization."

The full text of Cain's, frankly, shocking e-mail is republished on Bilerico. I highly suggest you click over there and read the entire text as well as Bil's take on two more openly gay individuals are running for Council as Democrats in 2011, Zach Adamson and Todd Woodmansee.

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