Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Early Running Shows Lots of Familiar Names in Republican Race; One Democrat Pulls Out

Editors Note: I'm holding back my reaction to the Wall Street Journal's article on Small Claims courts. I am not quite done with it.

Democrat Sam Locke has decided against running for Congress in Indiana's 9th District.

Locke, the 2010 Democratic nominee for Indiana Auditor of State says that fatherhood changed the calculus a bit on a possible Congressional run against Todd Young, according to the Associated Press.

The Indy Star also reported the campaign finance reports have come in for federal candidates in what figures to be some of the most hotly contested Indiana Congressional Districts, Indiana's 2nd, Indiana's 5th, Indiana's 6th, and Indiana's 8th Districts. Cobbled together with other sources, there are a lot of Republicans running and a lot of them you've heard of before.

2nd District
Democrat Andrew Straw (Attorney)
Democrat Brendan Mullen (Technical Analyst)
Republican Jackie Walorski (State Rep.)

5th District
Republican Dan Burton (I) (U.S. Congressman)
Republican John McGoff (Former Coroner)
Republican Susan Brooks (Former U.S. Attorney, considering)
Republican David McIntosh (Former U.S. Congressman, considering)

6th District
Democrat Lane Siekman (Attorney)
Republican Don Bates, Jr. (Businessman)
Republican Travis Hankins (Businessman)
Republican Luke Kenley (State Senator)

8th District
Democrat Dave Crooks (Former State Rep.)
Republican Larry Buschon (I) (U.S. Congressman)

I'm sure there will be more names to enter the race. It bears watching.

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