Monday, July 25, 2011

Chocola's Club for Growth Lugar Ad Misleading apparently took a look at Club for Growth's anti-Lugar ad that has been running on tv screens across Indiana for the past couple of weeks. The non-partisan watchdog group says that the CFG's claim that Lugar voted to "bail out" New York City back in the 1970's is misleading.

As Factcheck points out, Congress bailed out New York City in 1975. Richard Lugar was still Mayor of Indianapolis.

Perhaps someone should fact check Chris Chocola! When the Republican was in Congress, he was one of the most wealthy individuals there, and he never met a tax cut for the wealthy that he didn't love. He voted to lower corporate taxes and helped to create the climate of debt we now swim in because of his votes in Congress.

Now, some of the same things he voted for, his group wants to criticize Richard Lugar for voting for. That, my friends, is the definition of hypocrisy.

Here's the ad, by the way.

After this ad, Lugar responded with this odd effort.

And then, his opponent for the Republican nomination, Richard Mourdock put up this web response to Lugar's ad which the Log Cabin Republicans called, "Juvenile."

Isn't it amazing how you can be ripped up in this political climate for working with someone? That's the kind of guy you'll get with Mourdock. If he wins the nomination, bet you dollars to doughnuts he will end up being the next Chris Chocola, run one another.

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Anonymous said...

Around 4 AM one weekday last week, I caught back-to-back commercials on a local early morning news program.

The first was Lugar's Jobs Commercial insisting that jobs are the problem and the solution is to cut corporate tax rates. I did not catch who was paying for the second, but it was all Lugar is too liberal for Indiana and asked viewers to tell Dick Lugar to vote no on increasing the debt ceiling.

With corporate america sitting on an estimated $2 Billion plus of cash reserves, how the heck does Lugar think giving them more cash will create jobs?

Telling Lugar to vote to send our country into debt default is telling him to vote for world-wide economic collapse.

It is trying times for the working people of our country when even the sane republicans are terrified of the insane ones!