Friday, July 29, 2011

Are Local Right-Leaning Blogs Losing Faith in Ballard?

The blogosphere in Indianapolis is filled with suddenly very few pro-Greg Ballard blogs, and that signals a big change in the landscape here.

The formerly-pro-Ballard Advance America, Bart Lies, Ogden on Politics, Indy Tax Dollars, and other blogs that helped to get the man elected have now turned either against the Mayor or at least take a more cynical view of the man we knew so little about in 2007.

Indiana Barrister is unapologetically more anti-Melina Kennedy than pro-Ballard. Abdul tends to post unsubstantiated rumors many times or take, what I would call, more than a few liberties with the truth. Abdul's game is Abdul's game, and it's well-known. He's going to continue to smoke a cigar, drink a martini, and stir the pot.

That leaves us with Capitol and Washington and Washington Street Politics.

Lately, Capitol and Washington has been much more about state and national politics than local Indianapolis politics, and that may be by design. They do, however, continue to consistently post. Capitol and Washington is more of a blog that is a repository for individual bloggers on the right to post under one umbrella.

The real surprise is Washington Street Politics. Many believe WSP, which is written anonymously, is actually penned by Robert Vane, a longtime Republican activist and former Ballard Administration Communications Director. The ghostwriter at WSP denies this is true.

In the last month, WSP has just four posts. There are three pieces on Congressional races and one that is effusive in praise to the Mayor for the plan that IBE, IMPD, Frank Straub, and others cooked up to cut violence on the second weekend of Indiana Black Expo's Summer Celebration.

Now, I know it's difficult to post each day, and I know that summertime isn't always the most interesting time for politics. With that said, there's been A LOT to post about recently. Washington Street Politics has been largely absent without explanation from the scene.

I guess that means there's just not much positive to say about Mayor Ballard right now.


William said...

I had been noticing the same thing, and internally debating on whether it was more of a summer thing or are the right leaning blogs losing faith in the current administration. But being new to the blog world I wasnt going to comment sounds like I was having the same thoughts as this blogs author.

Paul K. Ogden said...

To be fair, my blog post dated my turning against the Ballard administration. For the first 9 months or so, I gave Ballard the benefit of the doubt, that he would return to be the person who ran for office in 2007. Sometime in mid- 2008, I'd had enough with his betrayal of conservative Repubican values and what he campaigned on. Virtually all Republican activists reached the same conclusion, some a little quicker, some a little more slowly.

People who are motivated to blog, do so because they believe strongly in the issues. Ballard's philosophy though has nothing to do with issues. It is about handing out favors to those who support him. While that philosophy inspires a lot of support from people seeking taxpayer money, it doesn't inspire the typical Republican who is motivated by conservative philosophy and the issues.

Indy Student said...

C&W is fairly new to the blog world (though it's basically a continuation of Frugal Hoosiers) and they've never focused exclusively or even 50/50 on central IN issues.

Hoosier Access had a couple of cheerleading posts shortly after Ballard formerly announced his re-election campaign. But lately, silence. But that's understandable. Only one of the contributors lives in Indianapolis, and he rarely contributes.

guy77money said...

I rarely read Indiana Barrister or Indianapolis Times. Neither blog is in my mind close to being balanced. Abdul and Terry both genuflect to the Democrat and Republican parties. The two best blogs are Ogden on Politics and Advance Indiana. I know Gary sometimes gets personal but at least he is out in the open unlike Abdul that occasionally publishes pure bull shit.
As for Paul he takes all the criticism and cheap shots (Abdul and Terry come to mind) and just ignores them like the grown up he is. Unlike Abdul and Terry who act like spoiled kids who don't get their way.
My last two blogs I read regularly are Indy Student and your blog Jon. I enjoy the commentary from you, a true blue Democrat and of course someone with a younger student view. Throwing in the humor helps keep things light. You should of stayed in Franklin Twsp, would have loved to see your take on the busing issue. Keep up the good work Jon!

Anonymous said...

I find it difficult that anyone who a sense of decency would find any value in the bigoted and inane postings on Advance Indiana. The author does not like anyone or anything.