Monday, June 13, 2011

Three Years and Sunday Still Isn't the Same: Missing Tim Russert

It was three years ago and I was standing at Buffer Park Golf Course working a part-time job as a clubhouse attendant. The sound of the NBC News Chimes followed by John Williams' music drew me directly to the television. Tom Brokaw appeared on the screen and announced that Tim Russert had passed away.

Immediately following the update, I switched the television over to MSNBC, and I watched as political commentators and reporters tried to cover the death of their boss at NBC News. It was a striking day for all the wrong reasons.

Many of you ask why I'm not more of a red meat blogger. The reason is Tim Russert. Most of you know his story, but Tim mastered the art of being a great journalist without being over the top in rhetoric. It's because of guys like Russert that I am able to disagree with people without most of the time being disagreeable.

Well, it's been three years since Russert collapsed and died, and my Sundays are still not the same. Meet the Press has moved on and David Gregory does an admirable job, but Tim Russert's 17 years as the moderator of that program certainly left its mark. David Gregory is trying admirably to run Tim Russert's show. It's just not easy to be Tim Russert.

On this Monday, I offer this video below in tribute to Tim as well as a second video from the opening of an exhibit dedicated to him at the Museum.

Tim, you are missed! GO BILLS!

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