Thursday, June 2, 2011

Schultz's Statement No Different Than Beck's (from Two Years Ago)

When Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham a "right wing slut" on his radio show, MSNBC reacted swiftly. They made him hang out with me (see picture)...ok...not really.

Actually, they suspended Ed from his television show indefinitely and he apologized (in a strange and rambling way) on his show before walking off to serve his suspension. Glenn Beck essentially did the SAME THING on his radio show to a sitting United States Senator, Mary Landrieu, back in 2009 after she voted for the health care bill.

Beck said the following on his radio show:
“We’re with a high class prostitute. That’s what we’re with…You’re not sittin’ there in a back alley and sayin’ hey what do you say, five bucks? No, no, no this comes to your Four Seasons hotel room and does it right. There’s nobody that’s going to look at her and say oh my gosh you’re with a whore…”

Audio is here:

Beck wasn't suspended from his Fox News program at that time. And, interestingly enough, rushed to Schultz's defense!

“I know with me that when I get home and I’ve said something stupid, my wife will say, what the hell were you thinking? What were you thinking? What is wrong with you? And I think every guy can relate to saying something and your wife giving you the lecture of your life when you get home. That’s what a spouse is for in many ways, to keep you anchored and keep pulling you back. That’s why I think he’s sincere. I think he was in the firefight and just said something and his wife handed him his head when he got home and he realized ‘That was really, really stupid of me.’ We all make mistakes.”

Bravo for Beck? Still, it shows a clear difference, two years apart, between how Fox News does business and how NBC does business.


Anonymous said...

Jon, the comparison of Beck to Schultz is a bit much. Neither should have been suspended, especially Schultz because Ingraham puts herself in the spotlight and should accept the criticism when it comes. However, Beck was criticizing someone who used her vote as a sitting senator to extract more for her home state in agreeing to vote for the health care bill. Thus the reference to a whore. Beck's analogy was spot on. Schultz was simply trying to denigrate someone he didn't like. Both were unfortunate and done in poor taste but they are not comparable.

Anonymous said...

The big difference here being that Beck makes money for Fox, a lot of money. Both are very hateful men and I could care less if they are on the air. However, that rachiel Madows or what ever may be the devil incarnate herself