Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pence To Announce Again He's Running for Governor, Again

Mike Pence is announcing yet again that he's running for Governor of Indiana today. At least this time, he'll do it in Indiana. Previously, he launched his campaign by video while he was in Washington.

Pence told the Indianapolis Star that he's not going to announce any of his plans until after the May 2012 Primary and that he's not going to resign from his post in Congress. This despite the fact that he isn't running for reelection in that seat.

Pence has been in Washington so long; I think he needs the time to get to know Indiana again.

While Pence has been up in Washington carrying water for the GOP Majority in Congress, John Gregg has been touring Indiana and getting to know its people again after several years out of the political spotlight. Pence's primary opponent Jim Wallace has also been making the rounds here in the Hoosier State. Pence only seems to stop by the Crossroads of America when he can get on television or be interviewed by Greg Garrison.

No matter. I think Hoosiers will see Washington Mike for what he is next year, an opportunistic politician using Indiana's Gubernatorial Race to position himself for a Presidential run in 2016. Well, that's not going to happen.

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Anonymous said...

It was a very White event, interesting that no minority media was there at all. Is this how the campaign will run? I saw five blacks there all day. I knew that he had issues,but running on the good old boy white network will not play well in Indiana.

I was very dissapointed that minorities were not involved with the exception of Jacki Cissel