Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mourdock Staff Gets Testy at Tea Party Event

The campaign manager of Richard Mourdock "assaulted" (the blogger's words not mine) self-proclaimed citizen journalist The Rebel Pundit at a Tea Party rally. The video's pretty clear.

If you watch the video, it's clear that Mourdock agrees to answer the question the blogger put forth and then was accosted by the clearly overaggressive campaign manager, Jim Holden, who is also Mourdock's Chief Deputy Treasurer.

To call this an assault is pushing it, but this certainly is not the smart way to get people to support you. With Richard Lugar's campaign making testy comments about Republican County Party Chairs supporting Mourdock and now this kind of attitude towards supposed allies from Mourdock's campaign, it kind of makes Joe Donnelly smile, I'm sure.

By the way, I'm not really keen on bloggers hiding behind a pseudonym. Rebel pundit is based in Chicago, according to its website. If you're self-important enough to call yourself that, then you can take a little camera push back.

Mourdock reportedly issued an apology, per Abdul.

Another thing...why do folks like Mourdock rely on folks like Holden to lead a campaign? You would think that he would hire a full time campaign manager rather than his Chief Deputy who you figure would be doing an important job for the state. Am I right?

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