Friday, June 17, 2011

John Gregg Releases New Web Video

There's a brand new high quality video from the Gregg for Indiana campaign. It's called, simply, "Indiana", and it looks at what makes the state great. Mike Pence should take notes.

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Bruce W. Hall said...

I viewed this candidates video. I still don't know why he wants to be governor, what his vision is, and what he plans to do to accomplish that vision. When I listen to the message on this video I only think, "Why are you talking to me like you think I'm stupid? Why are you spending so much money to sound like......someone who offends no one." Please God, give me a Democrat who's not afraid of being a Democrat. This gentleman comes across to me as a neutered cardboard cut out. I've got a child too. I love Indiana too. But I don't want to run for governor. Hells bells what does he stand for and why's he afraid to tell me.