Monday, June 13, 2011

Is Charlie White Losing It?

There's a scene in the movie Forget Paris where Billy Crystal's character, a professional basketball official, is thinking about things going on in his personal life. When challenged on a call, he goes crazy and throws Kareem Abdul-Jabbar out of his farewell game. When other players demonstrate emotion, he starts throwing them out as well. Hilariously, he starts blowing his whistle and indiscriminately throwing person after person out of the game.

The fun starts at 4:23 below. Fast forward to that spot to see the scene I describe.

You get the feeling that Charlie White is doing something similar.

White is now accusing the Special Prosecutor in his case of voting illegally outside his own precinct for the past six years, the Indianapolis Star reports.

White, whose credibility and, perhaps, mental state are in question these days, is seemingly coming more unhinged in front of us. First, there was his rambling press conference a few months ago after his hearing. Now, he's just acting like a caged and crazy animal ready to file lawsuits and legal briefs wherever necessary.

To me, his outlandish behavior certainly doesn't help his case. It seems like he's trying to get retribution to anyone who is not on his side in all of this.

You can also add on to this that White's Communications Director A.J. Feeney-Ruiz just was named by Marion County Republican Chair Kyle Walker to run against White's 2010 Secretary of State opponent Vop Osili for City-County Council. That just seems a bit strange too.

Listen, I don't know the all facts of Sigler's case. I read it on the Advance Indiana blog, but my eyes cross on it. It appears there may be some interesting things there, but it just is funny to hear a man that knowingly, in my opinion, voted outside of his precinct claim someone else did, too. It would also seem to put the spotlight on your own mistake if you're White.

What is also clear is that Charlie White has spent A LOT of time tracking this stuff down. He claims that he didn't file the complaint as Secretary of State but as a citizen of Indiana. That said, there's a lot of information in there about a lot of different people. Makes you wonder how he got it all.

I guess we'll see how this one shakes out.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

Although the way Charlie White made this point, and his failure to be consise is regretable, he has a point. The law is selectively prosecuted.

If White was Richard Lugar, would he be prosecuted? Of course, what Lugar is doing by voting using a residence he hasn't lived at in 30 years and signing documents under oath, is about 30 times worse than Charlie White. If Lugar was as unpopular as Charlie White, the D's would be going after him big time for voter fraud.

Although I think you will find that Charlie White's evidence will in fact that he was living where he voted, the fact is there are politicians all over the state violating the law who never get prosecuted. Lugar, Bayh, Win Moses, are just a few of them.