Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hickman Joins At-Large Ticket

Pam Hickman was chosen by Marion County Democratic Party Chair Ed Treacy to take Joanne Sanders' place on the November ballot in the At-Large City-County Council race.

Here is the release from from the Marion County Democratic Party:
Small Business Owner Pam Hickman Joins Democratic At-Large Council Ticket

INDIANAPOLIS – At a press conference held today at Marion County Democratic Party Headquarters, Chairman Ed Treacy named small business owner Pam Hickman as the At-Large Council Candidate who will fill the ballot vacancy created by Minority Leader Joanne Sanders’ withdrawal yesterday.

“Pam Hickman is a lifelong resident of Indianapolis and an active member of our community,” Chairman Treacy said. “Her success as a local business owner, paired with her commitment to serving others, makes her a great asset to our team as we fight to gain a Democratic majority on the City-County Council and continue to work for the people of Indianapolis.”

Hickman praised Minority Leader Joanne Sanders’ years of service, and spoke to her excitement about joining the Democratic ticket that includes At-Large candidates Zach Adamson, John Barth, and Leroy Robinson.

“I’m deeply committed to this city,” said Hickman. “I’m eager to join this excellent team of At-Large candidates to face the challenges before us, and to ensure Marion county residents have a council that speaks on their behalf.”

So, Hickman is off and running, but nothing is without controversy. I'm hearing a little push back from some inside the party about the lack of a caucus to name Sanders' replacement and some crazy-sounding conspiracy theories from outside the party.

I am sympathetic to the calls for a caucus, completely sympathetic, but I think this was the cleanest way for the party to decide this at this point.

A caucus could have been expensive to run, and it would have potentially set off a circus atmosphere which I'm sure the folks at the Marion County Party did not want. Secondarily, the question remains about whether some of the same voices calling for a caucus would have trusted the process enough to respect the results of the caucus. Things could have gotten nasty some four months short of November. Better to take a couple of lumps now than a bunch of lumps later.

Were there other candidates for the job that Treacy could have picked? Absolutely. You could make a case for Pat Andrews(who finished fifth in the Primary) or Annette Johnson (who ran hard for the job before losing in a tight race at slating) or any number of others as alternate candidates, but Hickman is a previous candidate for office and has run a campaign before (State Rep. against Cindy Noe in Indiana House 87). She is a fine addition to the at-large ticket.

As far as the conspiracy theories surrounding Sanders' abrupt departure from the ticket, aometimes a "cigar is just a cigar." Yes, it was sudden and surprising, but I'm hearing that Sanders' reasons for leaving the race were genuine. I'm hearing from sources familiar with the situation that everyone was shocked by her decision and few knew about it prior to her announcement on Monday.

We'll find out between now and June 30 if Treacy will have another decision to make. District 15 candidate Vop Osili could become Secretary of State if the Indiana Recount Commission decides Charlie White was not eligible to run for that statewide office and tosses him out of office.


Paul K. Ogden said...

Yeah, well after today's testimony, I wouldn't make any plans if I were Vop Osili. The D's case was entirely circumstantial while White had witnesses lined up to testify to the critical fact he was living exactly where he was registered. At one point, I actually felt sorry for Karen Celistine-Horseman who was stuck arguing a very bad case.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I have no question regarding Sanders's reasons for stepping down. What I doubt is the timing of the sudden revelation that her work was interferring with her council work. She offered no explanation how thinngs changed form pre-primary to post-primary.

I would point out that the caucus process is not the same thing as slating, which is a lot more easily rigged for reasons too numerous to explain here.

You don't get points quoting Abdul who might be at times entertaining but has never been accused of intellectal honesty.

Jon E. Easter said...

"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

Sorry Paul, I was going a little deeper back in history than our cigar-smoking, cocktail drinking friend.

Wurstnitemare said...

So Paul are you saying that he wil not win the 15th over AJ ?? Please. AJ was there today giving your Buddy Charlie advice all day ,it was on the air, in front of us all. How do you condone a state employee being paid by you and me doing this?

Osili may not be the SOS,but I primise you that he is a player in the party/

Anonymous said...

I am tired of the chronic whiners in the party who don't like anyone or any decision. If they think the party or the party leadership is that bad then they need to resign their posts and let us get to the job of winning in November.

Anonymous said...

Annette Johnson got screwed again

Jon E. Easter said...

Wurst...not sure, but I think Paul was referring to plans for SOS...not 15th.

varangianguard said...

In my personal quest to straighten out misused "quotes", here goes.

A) Your Freud "quote" is attributed to him. Nothing says he actually said that exact phrase. So, it isn't a quote, really.

B) You (and so very, very many other people) misunderstand this "quote". It is a rule by exception, not a generality. That means that this quote is defining an exception to a rule.

Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar means that, in fact, most times a cigar is what we have come to expect Freud to symbolize a cigar as (which in this case, like most in politics, is much more likely, statistically speaking).