Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Hodge Podge: Jon Huntsman, John McCain, Obama on Afghanistan and Kostas Poulakidas

There have been lots of things that I've wanted to comment on this week, but, since I really have had some big news to cover with Joanne Sanders leaving the City-County Council race and replacement by Pam Hickman, Charlie White's hearing, Greg Ballard's latest implosion, and other things, I decided to throw it into a hodge podge.

Jon Huntsman Joins Republican Race
True moderate Jon Huntsman used Ronald Regan-like staging to launch his 2012 Presidential campaign. Huntsman could make some of those Obama Republicans and independents decide to return to the GOP, but he has about as much of a chance of winning the nomination as an ice cube does on asphalt during an Indianapolis summer. He simply makes too much sense.

John McCain Imploding
John McCain's decline from maverick to moron continues to pick up speed. The Arizona Senator and former GOP Presidential nominee said earlier this week that there was "substantial evidence" that the Arizona wildfires that burn out of control in his state were caused by illegal immigrants. When challenged, McCain said that he didn't say that and then said the same thing again. My friends, John McCain is losing it.

Obama's Afghan Plan
President Obama addressed the nation on Tuesday night and announced a plan to slowly draw down troops in Afghanistan. I applaud the President for this, but I wish the pace of withdraw were quicker. We have no business in Afghanistan. When GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney takes this position, then you know it's time to get out. We also received word of another young Hoosier who lost his life there. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of 21-year-old Josh Jetton. We honor Josh's sacrifice.

Poulakidas Continues To Impress
District 4 City-County Council candidate Kostas Poulakidas is really kicking some serious butt in his campaign. Almost daily, I'm receiving some sort of update from the campaign trail, an invitation to an event or meet and greet, or a notice of a campaign canvass. Poulakidas is definitely raising the game in that district. One wonders if the incumbent, Christine Scales, is matching his effort. Poulakidas will be a formidable opponent with lots of resources between now and November.

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