Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dems Add Four Candidates to Council Slate

Marion County Democratic Party Chair Ed Treacy announced on Friday that four more Democrats have joined the slate of candidates running for City-County Council. The Chair, by state statute, has until June 30 to fill vacant spots on the ballot.

The four candidates are Jared Evans in District 13, Maxine King in District 14, Todd Woodmansee in District 21, and Mario Garza in District 25. For details on the candidates, click here.

By my count, that leaves three districts with no Democratic candidate.

District 5 which covers the very northern tip of Lawrence Township from Graham Road east to the Hancock County line and a jagged southern border roughly across the 75th/79th Street line to the Hamilton County line. District 5 is currently represented by Ginny Cain. Cain ran unopposed in 2007 as well.

After that, things move to the "Southern Tier" of Marion County. District 23 and District 24 are both in need of candidates.

District 23 is represented by Republican Jeff Cardwell. It includes probably some of the most Republican areas in Marion County. It captures some of the high priced homes in Perry Township and the very western fringes of Beech Grove. It runs from Troy Avenue on the north to the Johnson County Line on the south and from Railroad Road on the west to State Street/Camden Street/Shelby Street on the East. Democrat Earl Williams did his best in 2007, but Cardwell prevailed easily.

District 24 is interesting because of the dynamic of Ed Coleman, a current At-Large Councillor. Coleman, a Libertarian, elected to try to win reelection in District 24 rather than At-Large. Republican Jack Sandlin has never won election to the Council. He was chosen by Precinct Committeepersons to replace Mike Speedy, who won a seat in the Indiana General Assembly. Coleman has been a popular and sometimes moderate voice on the Council. Sandlin was not the most popular man in Perry Township when he was the Trustee. That might provide an opening for a Democrat. Speedy was unopposed in 2007.

The additions to the ballot by Treacy make things much more interesting especially in Districts 13, 14, and 21. District 25 will be an uphill climb. Party insiders tell me that Treacy intends to have 25 district-level candidates by June 30. Paired with the four at-large candidates, it will definitely give Democrats a reason to go to the polls in November.

If you are interested in running, contact the Marion County Democratic Party at 317-637-3366.

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