Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Daniels Should've Returned Durham Money Before Donnelly Returned Weiner Money

Republicans are asking Joe Donnelly to give back the $5,000 donated to him by Congressman Anthony Weiner. While Weiner is clearly guilty of bad judgement and probably should have resigned from Congress, there's no evidence as of yet that he broke any laws.

On the other hand, high powered Republican donor Tim Durham was indicted for fraud allegedly running a ponzi scheme and defrauding investors of two companies. Durham used his influence and money to support politicians, but the biggest benefactor was one Mitchell E. Daniels, Governor of Indiana. Daniels has refused to give back the money or donate it to charity even though he's been asked by trustees in the case to give it up. Last we heard, he was only "in talks" to return the cash.

Maybe the Republicans have a little bit more say with the Governor about this matter. I'd say that the nearly $200K he got from a guy like Durham is much more objectionable than the $5K Joe Donnelly got from Weiner.

While I stand by my original post, Donnelly has decided to donate Anthony Weiner's $5,000 contribution to charity, according to WISH-TV's Jim Shella. This action comes after Weiner's...well...wiener was finally revealed by shock disc jockeys Opie & Anthony.

As for Governor Daniels, we await his return of the nearly $200,000 in cash he got from Tim Durham.

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Anonymous said...

I think the rapid response shown by Democratic leadership shows that our party responds to inappropriate behavior pretty rapidly. This is in contrast to the still primarily non response to the very inappropriate response by the GOP to Durham. I agree when will Daniels return the money?????