Monday, June 20, 2011

GOP Registers Wacky URL for Ballard

My good friend over at the Indy Student blog, Matt Stone, penned this blog post that talked about the perils of registering URLs close to one's own name.

He's right. If you are a politician, you should register all the possible URL names that can be used against you. I know, for example, that friends of Andre Carson have registered, and that automatically refers one to Carson's campaign website. The implicit message...there's nobody but Carson for Indy's 7th District, and that's a good thing.

During the 2007 campaign, a blog called popped up. It was an anti-Bart Peterson website that still operates today (with a lot of anti-Greg Ballard content these days).

Well, the Ballard camp clearly thought ahead and someone registered for the Mayor. The thing is that ballardlies refers one to Greg Ballard's campaign website. So, follow my logic here, is that a good thing? Did the Ballard camp really think that through? The seemingly implicit message here? Greg Ballard lies, and here's his website. and I are on the same page for once, here.

Stone says that the Indiana Republican Party is the registrant on the site URLs. Perhaps they should have referred in some other direction.

As Paul Ogden points out below, someone has also registered "" and is forwarding that site to Melina Kennedy's website. My criticism would be the same to the Kennedy campaign as it is to the Ballard campaign, but the Marion County Democratic Party, Indiana Democratic Party, nor the Kennedy campaign are registered as the URL owner, according to Thus, I cannot say with any degree of certainty that anyone in Kennedy's camp knew about this or not. Now, they know.

I cannot for the life of me understand why a campaign would want their official sites to pop up when typing in that particular URL.


Paul K. Ogden said...

I posted this on the Indy Student website. You type in and it goes to Melina Kennedy's website. So I think they both did it. It might make better sense to set up another website which cites broken promises when you type in [candidate]lies.

Jon E. Easter said...

Good catch Paul. I've updated the blog per this development.