Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Advantage Ed

Ed Treacy has been a busy bee lately. Of the 29 ballot slots for City-County Council on the Democratic Party ticket, 28 of those slots will be full it looks like when the deadline passes on June 30.

The thing is, there are some tremendously talented people filling these slots. Local attorney Jackie Butler became the latest earlier today when she was announced as the candidate for the Democrats in District 5.

District 24 is the only slot that will not have a Democrat running, and that's the slot where incumbent Libertarian Ed Coleman is going up against incumbent Republican Jack Sandlin.

Neither the Libertarians (understandably) or the Republicans (who hold the Council majority) could find that many people willing to take a slot on the ballot. These latest nominees by Treacy really are some talented people with excellent backgrounds in business, the community, and other areas. While many of them will not be favored in their races, more than a few of them have a great chance at winning seats on the Council.

For all his youth and energy, Kyle Walker could not muster much interest in running for Council, it appears.

The Democratic ticket does have problems (ahem...Monroe Gray...sorry, I can't let it go), and the loss of such great Councillors as Jackie Nytes and Joanne Sanders cannot simply be overlooked. Those problems are small in comparison to some of the problems on the GOP slate. And, there are some truly civic-minded and excellent candidates ready to become Councillors on the Democratic slate in 2011. Plus, Treacy weeded the garden, I think, where he could by putting up past Councillors like Steve Talley on the ballot, for example.

Chairman Treacy should be roundly and rightly applauded for this effort. There are some excellent candidates on the ballot for the Democrats! It's an excellent group of individuals. Advantage ET.

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