Sunday, June 12, 2011

Advance Indiana Purports Details on Ballard's Indy Pride Experience

I don't often refer you to Gary Welsh's Advance Indiana blog. I have considered pulling the link to it several times, but the elected Republican Precinct Committeeman does just enough to stay linked here. Today, I send you to his write-up on how Mayor Greg Ballard apparently tried to pull IMPD out of the Indy Pride Parade yesterday at the last minute. There's more details, too, on the post.

Melina Kennedy, by the way, rode in the parade.

Click below to go to the blog and read the post.

Advance Indiana: Ballard Has A Less Than Prideful Day: "A series of missteps has further eroded Mayor Greg Ballard's support in Indianapolis' gay community in his re-election campaign. While Balla..."

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