Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Whoops! Star Goof Makes Controversial R&B Star Libertarian Mayoral Candidate

The Indianapolis Star is slipping. Its online pieces are sometimes chock full of errors, and a recent article about the Libertarian Party nomination of its 2011 Mayoral candidate could bring out some muffled chuckles.

The Star reported on its website Saturday that "Chris Brown" was the man carrying the Libertarian banner into the fall election. I'm sure that Mr. Brown was surprised to know that he is the candidate for the Libertarians...especially because he isn't. Chris Bowen is that candidate.

Today, Bowen pleaded with the Star for a correction with a simple note to the newspaper's Facebook page.

Hello Indy Star! Any chance you will print a correct article with the correct spelling of my name? I was nominated to run for Indianapolis Mayor by the Libertarian Party of Marion County. Your article spelled my last name as Brown.

Further, I was a paper carrier for seven years, until the day I left for the U.S. Army. I won "Paper Carrier of the Year" for two years. Please consider doing an interview with me.

It's not too much to ask. Hopefully, the Indy Star will fix this error quickly. Otherwise, Chris Brown may have to answer some tough questions about his relationship with Rihanna, his volatile temper, and why he recently got literally caught with his pants down in a cell phone picture. Is that the kind of Mayor we want?

I think the actual candidate, Chris Bowen, deserves some satisfaction from the Star.

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