Sunday, May 1, 2011

When It Comes to My Readers, Simpson Wins Gubernatorial Nod

After a month-long poll that gives us a snapshot of the race, Indy Democrat is ready to make a call. Senator Vi Simpson is the choice of my readers as the Democratic candidate for Indiana Governor in 2012.

Simpson defeated former Indiana House Speaker John Gregg in my poll, 49 percent to 39 percent with the rest of the vote split between Congressman Joe Donnelly and former Lake County Sheriff Roy Dominguez.

Simpson is certainly a great candidate. As minority leader in the Indiana Senate, Simpson often is simply playing defense the best she can against what has been a Republican majority since the late 1970's. She's smart, and she knows her way around state government.

This poll could also say something about who reads my blog. Simpson is much more liberal than the other candidate said to be strongly interested in the race, John Gregg. Perhaps my readers are more on the liberal side.

I think that Donnelly's admission that he's more interested in the Indiana Senate seat in '12 probably effected his support level. Roy Dominguez only received three votes of the 275 cast.

Dems will do fine with either Gregg or Simpson. We will see how this thing will develop from here, but congratulations to Vi...for what it's worth! It's a long way to May 2012!

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