Friday, May 13, 2011

Repost: Dems Take Huge Lead in Campaign Fundraising

(Thursday's Blog Post apparently got eaten by Blogspot. Here it is reposted.)

As we begin the General Election season, it appears that the Republicans start with a BIG disadvantage in fundraising in the crucial At-Large City-County Council race.

Using Marion County Election Board’s website, I was able to add up fundraising figures for both the four Republicans and the four Democrats running for At-Large City-County Council, and I found that the difference is quite stark.

Let’s look individually at each Republican and what they raised and have on hand through the first quarter of 2011.

Angel Rivera-$6,780.74 raised; $5,555.85 on hand
Michael Kalscheur-$2,665 raised; $2,312.63 on hand
Barbara Malone-$1,472.47 raised; $0 or $1472.47 on hand (I believe there is an error on her report. Her campaign reported no expenditures or money raised. On the form, I think she carried down the zeroes too far, I think.)
Jackie Cissell (who filed her committee on 3/8/11, after slating)-$841.88 raised; $741.27 on hand.

The Republicans (assuming the error on Malone’s sheet) have a total of $11,760.09 raised with $10, 082.22 on hand.

Let’s now look individually at the Democrats during the same period.

Zach Adamson-$18,223.03 raised; $12,087.31 on hand
John Barth-$17,408 raised; $8,487 on hand
Leroy Robinson-$13,264 raised; $6,019 on hand
Joanne Sanders-$11,676.86 raised; $9,686.36 on hand

The Democrats have raised $60,571.89 and have $36,289.67 on hand.

I wonder what the next quarter will show? I know that the Democrats are doing well, but they continue to be aggressive. They know that to win these races that it’s going to take some campaign cash to get it done. They are in a position to be more aggressive, and you can see that they already have been.

The Republicans seem to be either taking things at a slow pace, or their donor base seems to be sleeping through this one and focusing on the title card between Melina Kennedy and Greg Ballard. In that race, the Mayor has the lead in fundraising, but it’s not by as much as you might think. Kennedy has over a million dollars in her campaign coffers right now to challenge the Mayor. I think we’ll probably see a record before this is over for this election cycle on money raised and spent.

Regardless, kind of makes you wonder as the Democrats continue to raise money how the four Republicans can compete.


Anonymous said...

I see a new At-large caucus..but with Barb Malone doing a 2007 Joanne Sanders, ousting Adamson. I'm not saying that's what would be good for the council, but the numbers don't lie.

Mr. Politician said...

@Anonymous, you almost got it head-on. I think it will be a 2-2 split with Malone & Mike from the republican side and Joann and Robinson or Barth from the dems

Paul K. Ogden said...


The numbers are that the Democrats have a large majority in the county. No Republican at-large councilor is going to win or come close to winning.

Anonymous said...

Paul..Barb Malone can bring in the vote. She did to beat the primary slate in 2007 and then the general.

Paul K. Ogden said...

I thought I posted this but this other comment. Money raised in at-large races doesn't mean much unless you can raise a ton of money. You can't do regular expense. Radio spots are going to be too expensive as well. A single mailer might cost you $60,000 or more and wouldn't be very effective. Really, running at large is about buying yard signs and trying to make sure you have enough to buy literature to pass out at the polls. It also helps if you already have some name ID.

These are straight turnout type races. Particular candidates are only going to be able to affect the number a point or two at the edges. Joanne Sanders with her name ID will be able to have the most effect on the margins.

The notion that average voter will be entering entering the polling booth and making conscious decision on each of the at-large candidates is pure fiction. The vast majority will simply be voting their party. In a normal turnout year that means all four go Democrat, which will be the case in 2011.

which candidate they wish to support isn't true

Anonymous said...

The at larges will all win due to the quality of the candidates and the superior Dem organization. In addition, Malone has no money and no support. Even the GOP would like to dump her. The real question is why has councilor Jose Evans become so homophobic and keeps doing and saying things to alienate the LGBT community.

Jon E. Easter said...

Can you please be more specific as to what Councillor Evans has said? I have never heard anything like that out of his mouth. Then again, I haven't heard him say much since he left the Mayor's race. Please expand on your comment.

Anonymous said...

Evans raised hell when Joanne Sanders asked all candidates to sign up for a shift at the booth for Gay Pride. He attempted to turn it into a Black vs. Gay issue and claiming that the Marion County Dems had never manned at booth at Black Expo. That was untrue as pointed out by some councilors who worked the booth at past Black Expos..........

Jon E. Easter said...

I have followed up on this with a few people familiar with the situation, and I'm being told by multiple sources that this behind-the-scenes disagreement was less about homophobia and more about other things.

These sources tell me that the characterization of Jose Evans as homophobic is incorrect, Anonymous 2:37 a.m. They say that this has been somewhat overblown and that not just Evans was concerned about the party being represented at Expo.

Bottom line, I'm told that all parties have moved on from this and are somewhat back on the same page. That's what I'm hearing, anyway.