Monday, May 16, 2011

Quit Dancing Daniels

I like that headline because, I think it's probably what Mitch Daniels' former boss, George W. Bush, would say to him right now.

Governor Daniels has been playing coy for weeks about his future plans. His stated reason is that he's trying to get the feel about what his family wants him to do. Well, I say that's bull.

It's a huge step to take on a run at the Presidency of the United States, but, when people are calling your name and asking you to run, I think it's kind of like something you have to try. It's nice to be wanted. There are people in the Republican Party that think Mitch Daniels is the savior sent down from the heavens to save the United States.

We in Indiana know that he isn't. While he honestly has not been a failure as Governor, there are things that have annoyed pretty much everybody. The way he has sold off Indiana's assets, his war on teachers and unions, the distortion of job figures, medicare cuts, and a variety of other things could be liabilities. We already have seen how some elements of his past such as his record as a top executive at Eli Lilly are beginning to ooze out. Others will tell me off the record that, like many people, there may be more skeletons rattling around Daniels' closet.

In short, it's a big decision to throw your life open and to turn all the lights on to the media, to the blogosphere, and to the world. If there's anything to tear you down, it will be revealed in 2.7 seconds. As we've seen, Mitch does well under the media spotlight when the news is good. When it's not, he becomes a nasty and immature character. We have all seen his flip comments when things don't go his way.

These are all things that need to be considered as he continues to dance around the decision. Mitch has to know that folks are not going to wait forever. The 24-hour news cycle has already consumed and spit out Donald Trump (and it only took a month or two). If Mitch waits too long, his announcement will become irrelevant.

I will say this about Mitch. At least his intentions are not truly out there in the public already. When Mike Pence announced he was running for Governor, there certainly was no one surprised. If John Gregg announces, no one will bat an eyelash. When Mitt Romney or Ron Paul said they were running, there was no shock and awe. Mitch's announcement, if and when he makes it, will be anticipated, at least here in Indiana. People are watching him right now, but they will go away if it's perceived he's taking too long.

So, quit dancing Mitch. Let's hear your intentions. The time is now.

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