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Ed Treacy-After a contentious slating process and a couple of strong challengers to the slate, the Marion County Democratic Party line held fairly easily. Melina Kennedy’s towering victory over Sam Carson and Ron Gibson, two challengers with name recognition, also showed the strength of the county party’s reach. The fact that the two top vote getters on the At-Large ballot were the two at the end of the ballot also underscored the fact that party loyalists vote in primary elections.

Kyle Walker-For the most part, see Ed Treacy. Jocelyn-Tandy T. Adande’s challenge was beaten back handily. The Republican slate also showed muscle in the district seats.

Melina Kennedy-If there were doubts that she had the attention and the support of the party, those questions were answered yesterday. Most REASONABLE individuals placed her threshold for victory around 60-65 percent. She exceeded that by a wide margin. She almost got to the unrealistic 85 percent set forth by some on the other side.

Leroy Robinson-How about this guy? He gets in the race at the last minute. He survives a tough slating fight against Annette Johnson, and then he proceeds to work his butt off for the next three months. End result? Second place in the voting behind Joanne Sanders. Not bad.

Steve Talley-In his political comeback, the former Council President gathered 86 percent of the vote. Impressive.

Vop Osili-The former statewide candidate dusted two other candidates and is well on his way to a seat on the City-County Council. Vop will be a big asset on the City-County Council should he not be installed as Secretary of State if Charlie White is declared ineligible to have run for the office in the first place.

Pat Andrews-Yes, I know that many will question my inclusion of Pat in this, but she did get 14 percent of the vote and finished fifth with 15,686 votes. I think that deserves recognition even though she ended up going down in defeat.

Jim Brainard-First you get compared to Hugo Chavez, Moammar Gaddafi, Saddam Huessin, and, worst of all, Rod Blagojevich (I keed, I keed) and then you end up dusting the competition. Nice mailer there Accetturo! How’d that work for ya?

Perry Township Schools and their students-Despite the state’s best efforts to hamper schools in getting more funding, Perry Township proved that you can in fact get a referendum through if you make your case to your township and its voters.


Buddy Templin-He’s a friend of mine, so it hurts to include him here. He was the slated candidate for Mayor of Beech Grove, and he lost significantly. Dennis Buckley wins and will face Terry Dilk in November.

Charles Henderson-The Mayor of Greenwood was bounced out of office in the Primary. His controversy-plagued performance in the last few months brought the house of cards to a tumbling end.

Sherron Franklin-Former City-County Councillor Sherron Franklin bottomed out in this election. She finishes sixth and well behind Pat Andrews. No one quite understood why Franklin was running, and she certainly didn’t illuminate the situation.

Pat Andrews-Yes, I put her in the winners column, but I also put her here. By going through slating and then deciding to run against the slate in the Primary, Andrews is now persona non grata for being slated again for six years. I don’t think that will really effect Pat in any way, but that’s the way it goes.

Jocelyn-Tandy T. Adande-Watch out Libertarians...maybe she’s heading to your house next.

Angel Rivera-An incumbent City-County Councillor finishes dead last among the four winning candidates? That signals people that aren’t too jazzed up about you.

Sam Carson-Well, the Carson name got you 4,647 votes. You ran as your mother’s son, but it appears Democrats want more. We love Julia, but we don’t know you, Sam.

Ron Gibson-Gibson said he stepped out on faith. The former City-County Councillor stepped off the ledge with his political career in his arms. Gibson was once a bright, shining star with his party, but personal problems and now this ill-fated run probably have ended that career. Ron’s a good guy, but it wasn’t enough.

David King Baird-First Wayne Township voters elected Andy Harris over Baird in November. Now, he loses this race for Council to Vop Osili by a wide margin. Like Andrews, he went through slating and is now ineligible to be slated for six years by the slating agreement he signed.

Republicans-Democrats cast almost 6,800 more ballots than the Republicans did. Melina Kennedy got 29,096 votes in a three-way race where Mayor Ballard got 29,960 votes in an uncontested race. About 8,900 votes went to other Democratic candidates for Mayor. If those break for Kennedy, she exceeds Ballard’s total. If half of them did, she exceeds Ballard’s total. If 1,000 of them did, she exceeds Ballard’s total. All-in-all, Ballard has to be concerned, and I think he sounded on the defensive in several of the news reports from last night.

Franklin Township and Avon schools and their students-These students will most certainly have fewer offerings, larger class sizes, and other disadvantages thanks to the loss of the referendums in these areas. The voters that voted no now cannot complain when school quality suffers because of this.

Voter turnout-While it was certainly better than the abysmal 2007 turnout where only a tick over eight percent of registered voters showed up at the polls, the preliminary number of 23 percent turnout is still extremely sad. Then again, as the Libertarians pointed out, the primaries are party business for the Dems and Republicans. Some people just don’t want to be identified.

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Please, please....let the Democratic party be rid of Ron Gibson and all of his personal problems. Perhaps he now can work on some of those.