Friday, May 6, 2011

President Obama Visits Allison Transmission

As you are all aware, President Barack Obama spent some time in Indianapolis today at Allison Transmissions on the beautiful Westside of the city to talk up more environmentally friendly transportation.

It's always cool to see a sitting President in your hometown, but this is different for me. This was like the President visiting my home turf. I grew up just north of 10th Street close to Ben Davis. I was pleased with what the President had to say about making our vehicles more eco-friendly.

Here is the reaction of the Marion County Democratic Party and its Chairman, Ed Treacy:
It was a great honor to have President Barack Obama as a visitor to Indianapolis today, especially in celebration of the work being done at Allison Transmission. Despite this accomplishment for our city and state, Indiana Republican Party Chairman Eric Holcomb recently released an absurd statement calling the President’s visit “politically transparent.”

His statement, which attacks the President and demeans our automotive workers, should come as no surprise. Holcomb and his Republican friends spent an entire legislative session attacking the working class and chasing a radical agenda, rather than focusing on creating jobs in our state. Holcomb must believe pursuing innovation and finding ways to create jobs is a waste of time, and he has little respect for the extraordinary work our fellow Hoosiers are doing here in Indianapolis. We should be proud of the success at Allison Transmission, and the President’s visit speaks to the role Indiana should play in moving our country forward.

But even as Holcomb was taking unfounded jabs at the President, opportunistic Governor Mitch Daniels and visionless Mayor Greg Ballard were shaking hands and posing for photos, happy to cash in on the media-heavy event.

Hoosier workers are what make this state strong, and they deserve recognition. The Indiana Republican Party’s classless attacks capture the ongoing vendetta against our working families, and prove that Republicans have no interest in moving our state forward.

Treacy has a point here. Holcomb's assertion is completely undermined by the fact that Ballard and Daniels met with the President and accompanied him to Allison. On the tarmac of the Indianapolis International Airport, Obama, Daniels, and Ballard even shared a few laughs and chuckles.

Also there with the President was Congressman Andre Carson. Congressman Carson rode on Air Force One with the President and stayed with him today. It's another sign of his rising star in Congress. Of course, Allison is in his district, and the President was too.

It was a good day for Allison Transmission. Unfortunately, Eric Holcomb and the Indiana GOP decided to throw shade on it.

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