Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pace of Indy's Road Work Concerns Some

If you've driven anywhere in the City of Indianapolis, you've probably been through or have seen a cone zone. They certainly are everywhere right now.

Instead of pacing the work out over time, the City of Indianapolis has decided to go full steam ahead on the road work. They are moving quickly, but it has created a number of inconveniences for drivers and other commuters.

Why would the city move so quickly? WIBC asked that question to a spokesperson from the Mayor's Office, and the answer was that the city feels like this is the way to go. Experience all the pain now and, in the fall, have new streets and roads to drive on. I'm sorry that I can't provide a link from the story I heard on Saturday evening.

What happens in the fall? Oh yeah, an election! An election for City-County Council and the Mayor's Office!

Could that be a reason? I'm sure that figures into it. There are other reasons, too. The Super Bowl could be one reason, and the fact that some of these areas of the city really needed the work. It doesn't stop political animals like me to suspect that the reason may be a little bit more politically motivated.

What I'm hearing is that there is some concern out there that perhaps the city is rushing these projects through too quickly with substandard work. I also am hearing from some that there is some concern that things are happening so fast that it's become difficult to keep up where and to whom the money is going. The Marion County Democratic Party released this a few weeks ago after it was realized that the patch work city crews had done was substandard.

In short, things are flying right now! The deadline, I'm sure is November 8.

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Anonymous said...

Jon, this is an excellent post. Ballard is using out of state contractors and is using substandard materials (would be nice to get an interview from an engineer on this issue).

This is a direct political play: shotgun the infrastructure projects as a way to get public attention, and have something to point to as an "acomplishment". It will work to some extent, but smart voters will see right through it.

I've made the comment about the feeble, shoddy, poorly constructed "Rebuild Indy" signs as well.....laminated cardboard, zip-tied to some creosote injected substandard 4x4s, barely stuck into a muddy shoulder. they are EVERYWHERE, and they look like sh#t. About par for the Mayor and his hapless group of bootlickers.

January 1 can't get here soon enough.