Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lugar Deserves to Lose This Way

As much as I hate to say it, Senator Richard Lugar is changing, and it's not for the better. The man that used to be about principle over politics is proving himself to be just another desperate politician hoping to keep his job.

Lugar was initially a co-sponsor of the DREAM Act, an important piece of legislation that would allow individuals that grew up in the United States but are undocumented to gain a path to citizenship through education or the military. The DREAM Act would add many to the ranks of educated citizens and provide a very loyal fighting force for our national defense.

Opposed by the far right, Lugar is capitulating to that crowd by removing his name as a co-sponsor. Should we mention that Republican challenger Richard Mourdock and Democratic challenger Blue Dog Joe Donnelly are both opposed to the DREAM Act?

Lugar's spokesperson, Mark Helmke, told the Indianapolis Star that the Senator may still vote for the bill if it comes up for a vote in the Senate. I hope so.

Perhaps all those years in the Senate have insulated Lugar from realizing that Hoosiers can spot a fraud. Right or wrong, the voters here will know that Lugar supported the DREAM Act as a co-sponsor and now is running away from it. It's an act that I would have never expected from a man like Richard Lugar.

Paul Ogden is right when he says Lugar should retire before facing a primary loss. People support Richard Lugar because he's not a Tea Party automaton. Lugar has a brain and a statesman's soul, and his support of the DREAM Act was another demonstration of that.

Unfortunately, he's proving to be just another politician. We all thought we knew Dick Lugar by now, didn't we?


Anonymous said...

The cowardice of Lugar toward the crazed teabagger crowd is shaming. He does not deserve reelection and I suspect he is losing much of the huge Democratic vote that he usually receives.

Anonymous said...

Lugar clearly is distancing himself from the Dream Act, however he still is an author of a bill to provide citizenship to foreign entrepreneurs willing to hire, invest, and build businesses in the United States.

Sad he is getting heat from extremists in his own party that find cover from our countries problems and their own decisions by blaming everything on faceless foreigners.

Our nation is not well served by people who spread xenophobia, isolationism, protectionism, and high horse ethnic/spiritual purity.