Tuesday, May 3, 2011

LOW TURNOUT...What will be the effect?

As I traveled around Decatur Township, I was greeted with bored pollworkers and exasperated voters.

"These people that don't vote. They're IDIOTS! They want to complain, but they don't vote," said one tall, white-haired man.

Business is very slow here in Decatur. That could mean good or bad things for the slate on both sides of the aisle. Either people who are motivated to vote for the party candidates have come out to vote or the people that are motivated to vote for someone against the slate have come out.

It looks like with this volume of votes, we should know soon after the polls are close and the inspector kits are delivered. I'd be interested to find out what the areas with contested district races and referendums on the ballot look like. Also, I'd like to know if turnout is more brisk in Carmel.

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Anonymous said...

At the Buffer Park location,unless you're aware of the days event and, among the cognoscenti,there's no sign(s) identifying the days activities from Foltz Rd.....at least this morning.

I joked with the folks at the entrance and asked if the intention was to keep folks away and from voting.