Sunday, May 15, 2011

Libertarian Ticket Partially Set

The Marion County Libertarian Party met yesterday and chose its ticket for the 2011 November election.

Chris Bowen was chosen as the party's candidate for Mayor. The Indianapolis Star reports that Bowen (though it mistakenly listed him as "Chris Brown") is a hospitality manager. Marijuana legalization advocate Bill Levin was chosen as an at-large candidate along with Reid Miller and Sheri Meinert. The Libertarian district candidates are led by incumbent Councillor Ed Coleman who moves off the at-large ticket and into the District 24 race. Other district candidates, as reported by the Indianapolis Star, include the following:

District 1-Michael Bishop, District 2-Sam Goldstein, District 4-Raymond Vanlanot, District 6-Kevin Fleming, District 10-Joell Palmer, District 11-Tom Mulcahy, District 13-Jason Sipe, District 15-Zach Capehart, District 21-Josh Featherstone, District 23 Ken Raquet, and District 25-Kevin Vale.

I believe that the party can still nominate people to fill empty ballot slots until June 30.

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