Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Libertarian Showdown?

Last night, I had a front row seat for a little Libertarian smackdown on my Facebook page. It was so good, I pulled out the metaphorical popcorn and watched it unfold.

Richard Kent wants to pursue the Libertarian nomination for Mayor, but the Libertarian Party of Marion County seems to want nothing to do with him. Kent accused me last night of essentially ganging up on him to try to derail his campaign.

You see, as the Libertarians will gleefully point out, they do not hold primaries in that party, and it all started when Kent, a former "Facebook friend" of mine, posted an item about ballot access in Marion County to the primary. We started a small, friendly conversation about it. I casually dropped the Indiana Code that states that a party is considered major and eligible for a primary when its candidate receives 10 percent of the vote for Indiana Secretary of State.

In the meantime, another friend of mine who is a Libertarian posted something about my conversation with Mr. Kent on her page. When I commented on her posting, I had no idea that she was referring to what was happening on my page. Apparently, Kent saw our conversation, and that's when I got a note from Kent on my Facebook wall that he thought I was colluding with the Libertarians to keep him off the ballot.

A mostly civil but interesting and sometimes heated back-and-forth then started between a few Libertarian Party officials, former candidates, or loyalists including LPIN Executive Director, Chris Spangle. All I can gather is that the LPMC believes that Kent has issues with his residency. Kent believes that he does not, and all of this will come to a head at the Libertarian Party convention on May 14.

Lots of inside baseball here, so I don't know where the truth lies. I usually say there's no party like a Democratic Party...that may change for one day on May 14. Too bad I'm working that day and can't go see the potential fireworks. As TO once said, "Better Getcha Popcorn."

Oh yeah, and I could care less if Richard Kent runs for Mayor, Governor or Dog Catcher...just thought I'd get that out there if anyone was still doubting.

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