Friday, May 13, 2011

Hodge Podge: A Variety of Political Tidbits for a Friday

I have no solid ideas for today's post, so I decided just to throw together a jumbled mess rather than write about Yosemite Sam's latest campaign. I'll save that for Saturday. Anyway, here goes:

Time to Reload
At the Decatur Township Democratic Club meeting on Monday night, City-County Council candidates Zach Adamson and Leroy Robinson thanked the pollworkers and the party organization for their hard work. Robinson talked at length about how this particular group of four candidates is running as a team even going as far as sitting down for dinner on a rotating basis at each other's homes. It will be an apparent unified front again for November.

Teresa Hall Files
Former Chief of Staff for Marion County Clerk Beth White and current Marion County Superior Court Commissioner, Teresa Hall, has filed to run for Superior Court Judge in 2012. It's going to get likely very crowded for a race that will be for probably just one or two seats. Several others are considering a run, but Hall is the first to file.

Mike Pence Has Company
Hamilton County Business Executive, Jim Wallace, has officially kicked off his campaign to run for Governor. Wallace, who has a very impressive resume, will lack in name recognition, but he could provide an alternative for Republicans who believe Pence is too extreme. Former Attorney General Steve Carter and others may also decide to seek the office.

Crooks Running for Congress
This news is a few days old, but former State Rep. Dave Crooks is going to try to take his talents to Congress. He will be running in the 8th Congressional District against Larry Buschon. Crooks is popular and well-liked, and he has a media background as a radio station owner and talk show host.

Buttigieg Wins Primary
Also a few days old, but friend of the blog and friend of the blogger, Pete Buttigieg won his primary race for Mayor of South Bend. Congratulations to Pete.

I suppose that's it for this issue. Sorry there's not more substance here, but I hope you found what is here interesting.

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