Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"The Donald" Felled by One Punch

It’s been a bad few weeks for “The Donald”.

The reality TV star and joke Presidential candidate has finally been seen for the joke of a Presidential candidate that he was. His poll numbers fell faster than a pace car driven off the top of the Trump Tower. Yesterday, he pulled the plug on his comedy routine of a Presidential run.

It was all fun and games until the White House released President Obama’s birth certificate, and the President authorized a risky but efficiently-carried-out operation in Pakistan to take out Osama bin Laden. Those kinds of choices make who to fire on the Celebrity Apprentice seem quite inconsequential.

Trump’s numbers have also been hemorrhaging since President Obama’s routine at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. Obama’s comedy routine hit points of truth, and that was driven more plainly home the next night with the bin Laden operation announcement.

I don't want to hear that Trump made Obama bring out his birth certificate or that he should be commended for doing that. He shouldn't. Obama called his bluff and slapped him the face with his document. Take that Trump. And, like boxers that fight in his casinos, down went "The Donald" hard and fast. It was so fast that it was almost embarrassing.

Now, other more serious Republicans are joining the fight. Mitt Romney seems to be in. Newt Gingrich has jumped on board, and the Libertarian-leaning Ron Paul is in it to win it. Jeffery Huntsman may announce soon, and the wacky Herman Cain has the respect of some Tea Party pundits. Who knows what Governor Mitch Daniels or Governor Chris Christie will do? Oh yeah, and how could I forget Sarah Palin?

There became less and less room for the one trick pony that is “The Donald”. The birth certificate argument is really, except for the most staunch conspiracy theorists (like local blogger Gary Welsh), off the table and put to bed. Polling numbers are dropping as the birther base is left alone to yell and scream at empty walls. The American public is moving on.

Polls say that they are rallying around their President. One recent poll put President Obama’s approval rating at 60 percent, and, scary for the Garrisons of the world, the same poll said that a wide majority of Americans now think the President is a strong leader and will keep America safe. President Obama has also gotten a bounce in his handling of the economy where jobs are being created. Gas prices remain a thorn in the side of the Administration, but the President seems ready to take that on, too.

Yes, the momentum is starting to pick up for 2012, and, it was so clear...even to "The Donald" that this was no place for playtime after his rapid fall from one in four Republicans saying he was their choice for President to being at the back of the pack with less than 10 percent support.

Advantage Obama. Who else wants to mess with him?


Nicolas Martin said...

It seems to be a rule among Dems that Ron Paul cannot be mentioned favorably. And no wonder. In the latest CNN poll, Paul is doing better against Obama than any other Republican among all potential voters.

Jon E. Easter said...

I hope you weren't using my characterization of Paul as an example here. If so, when is "Libertarian-leaning" a bad thing?