Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daniels "No" on Running for President Should Extend to VEEP, Too

Governor Mitch Daniels is not running for President, but he somehow has not ruled out a run for Vice President.

I don't quite understand how the veto power of his family doesn't extend to this national office as well. I mean, the Vice Presidential role is not the Presidential one. I get that, but they both come with a great deal of scrutiny, closet skeleton searching, and an in-depth look at someone's record. All of these things were clearly concerns for Mitch when he said he didn't want to run for the big chair. So, why wouldn't the same concerns carry over when offered the role of the Vice President?

I don't think that deep down Mitch Daniels believes he can beat Barack Obama. Sure he said he thought he could in the media, but I know that he's a smart man and a savvy politician. If he thought he could beat Barack, he would have joined the race. Beyond beating the President, mano a mano, I am not sure that Mitch thinks he could have survived the Republican Primary. After all, he only recently entered the realm of the primary voter issues with his decision to sign the bill defunding Planned Parenthood.

The Vice Presidential candidate on a losing national ticket is not always a bad position to be in. We haven't necessarily seen this phenomenon recently, but FDR was a losing VEEP candidate before he became President. There is precedent.

I just don't know how Mitch's girls and his wife are going to change their mind should the Governor be offered the Vice Presidential spot on the national ticket. His refusal to close out that possibility throws into doubt, for me, what his justification for not running was in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

If Daniels runs for vice president, his personal life and the privates lives of his family will be open to full scrutiny. I still want to hear more about the California physician, their divorces and the what the victimized wife of the California physician has to say about her broken marriage. Bring it on.