Thursday, April 28, 2011

Trump Dumped on Rump

Thanks for playing Donald, now go home.

Donald Trump was outmaneuvered by the White House who released President Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate on Wednesday. It was a move that surprised most people, but it definitely should put the issue to rest.

It should also put Donald Trump’s fledgling Presidential campaign behind the eight ball. Instead of trying to play up the birther issue, Trump will now actually have to find something substantive to base his campaign on. When that happens, I think folks like Mitt Romney and serious contenders for Obama’s job will come back to the forefront of the party. In essence, once again, Donald Trump’s 15 minutes on this issue are up.

Now, like the showman that he is, The Donald will have to find the next sideshow to get people to pay attention to. For his part, he couldn't help but pat himself on the back saying, "I'm proud of myself." Just the kind of egomaniac you want for a President, right?

Let’s also hope that this moment in history makes the word “birther” something that shows up on a VH1 special about the decade or the year 2011 at some point. I can just hear the comedians making fun of it now.

Trump, for his part, took credit for the President releasing the long form certificate, and he said the next step will be to see if the certificate is authentic. Ok. Will Donald tell us if his hair is authentic? Shouldn’t we know that about a President?

Ok, that last one got a little personal. I’m sure The Donald doesn’t mind though.



Gosh, that's no way to treat a supporter of Obamacare. Trump donates big money to your guys.

Experts are analyzing it. Looks photoshopped (cut and paste text boxes)

It is easy to see a white highlight around all the lettering. Plus it doesn't match other certificates issued in Hawaii at the same time.

I think the "certificate" issued raised more questions and settled nothing.

Jon E. Easter said...

Rolls eyes!


No one can accuse me of being a blind partisan.

Your team needs to win the Independents and you aren't doing a very good job of it when you "roll eyes" at them.

But then, maybe my vote doesn't matter to you.

Jon E. Easter said...

Rolls eyes and shakes head.

Jon E. Easter said...

If you truly believe that this whole thing is some conspiracy...then you weren't going to ever vote for Obama anyway.

President Obama has answered the questions. If you believe that he wasn't born in the U.S., you probably also believe in unicorns, Bigfoot, and the Abominable Snowman.


Here' the analysis and dissection of the document in Adobe Illustrator which clearly shows there are 9 digital layers to the certificate.

You might not be open minded enough to look at anything other than what the establishment spoon feeds you, but maybe some of your readers are.

This isn't the first lie we've been told by Obama and I am quite sure it will not be the last.

As for me, I am not in the habit of giving liars credit and blindly following what they tell me.

Jon E. Easter said...

No, I'm open minded enough. I just don't think short of a birth video that this will all end.

Multiple layers of bi-partisan government corroborate the truth. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961.

So, do unicorns really have one horn?


How do you know he was born in Hawaii? Because a faked document tells you so?

I don't know he was born in Hawaii.

I don't know he was not born in Hawaii.

What I do know is that document is not real.

I also know Obama has spent millions so far to keep his past under wraps.

What I do not know is why he is purposely keeping his past hidden from Americans.

I am led to the conclusion that he (or those that control him) are hiding something bigger than where he was born.