Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sources Say Abdul Making Mountain Out of Molehill on Kennedy Web Ad

To read Abdul-Hakim Shabazz's post on Melina Kennedy's recent web ad that used footage from a WRTV-6 news piece, you'd think that lawyers were loaded up on both sides, but my sources tell me that this thing got way overcooked by Abdul. Should we be surprised?

First of all, I hear WRTV did make a call to the Kennedy campaign at about 4:30 p.m. on Friday asking that the ad be pulled. I am hearing that the call came from the executive director. I am told that the call did not mention anything about copyright law infringement. Instead, I'm told that WRTV had a problem with its report being used in a political ad. This is apparently a policy at WRTV.

Secondly, I'm told that the Kennedy campaign was ready to pull the ad down later that day anyway from its main page. The call from WRTV came just hours before the campaign was due to archive the web piece. The piece had, I'm told, been running online for eight days prior to WRTV's call.

Thus, while Abdul is correct in much of what he reports, he seems to have overplayed WRTV's possible response a bit.

What it doesn't explain is Mayor Ballard's, frankly, crazy behavior in the piece by Kara Kenney and why he would walk away from a reporter spewing the word "paradigm" when he could have avoided his defensive encounter altogether.

On the business of this web ad, let's put the nontroversy to bed.

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Unigov said...

The ONE time in the last year I looked at Abdul's blog he had this silly non-story. Twit.