Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sources Say Abdul Leaving WXNT, Indianapolis

Sources are telling Indy Democrat that Abdul-Hakim Shabazz may soon be leaving WXNT and the City of Indianapolis. His impending departure comes as a blow to the fortunes of Greg Ballard in the upcoming 2011 Election.

My sources inside the media world tell me that, given Abdul's two recent blog posts on the supposed feuds within the Marion County Democratic Party between Ed Treacy and Andre Carson and Ed Treacy and Melina Kennedy, Abdul has been hired on as a writer for Days of Our Lives in Los Angeles.

Sources say the writing team at Days was impressed with Abdul's ability to write in great detail about alleged internal feuds without seeming to tie it into anything factual.

Greg Ballard was said to be hiding under his desk today, despondent. Sources...including the little voices in my head...tell me that he won't come out for anything or any reason throwing city government into chaos. Public Safety Director Frank Straub apparently called a meeting and told everyone that he "was in charge here, in the City-County Building."

My sources tell me that terms of the writing contract appear to be quite simple. Abdul is getting an office for himself and one for his large ego. He is also going to be allowed to turn the "Brady Pub" set into his own personal cigar bar.

Note: I hope the Mayor, Frank Straub, and Abdul are still good sports. I will say's really easy to write a blog post this way. Just a little "Easter Humor" for you all.


Anonymous said...

Too funny. You almost had me convinced this was real until I read the following sentence:

"Abdul is getting an office for himself and one for his large ego."

I don't think there's an office--or a sound-stage large enough to accommodate his ego!

Anonymous said...

That was mean, I really thought he was gone!