Monday, April 18, 2011

Republican Attack Ad Out

Why on Earth is the Marion County GOP responding to the whole job numbers delivered vs. job numbers with an attack ad on Melina Kennedy?

First of all, wasn't it Channel 6 that did the story. This one kind of fell into Kennedy's lap, but secondly, why did Mayor Ballard act like a bad tap dancer as he walked away to the beat of a "paradigm" in the 6 News video?

It appears that the campaign must think that this has traction. In politics, the worst thing that you can do is to keep the story going. Whenever Mayor Ballard tries to tout his job numbers now, there will be this report that keeps raising the questions about them. It may be the "paradigm" the Mayor "inherited." But, that doesn't buy a pair-a-shoes for out-of-work Indianapolis families.

The Ballard camp can try to divert attention all it wants, but the job numbers are suspect and the Kennedy campaign is just doing its due diligence in pointing it out for Marion County voters.

By the way, as attack ads go, this one is pretty lame. Looks like it was thrown together by a 10-year-old. Sorry to offend any 10-year-olds.


Anonymous said...

That's embarrassing. Talk about desperation.

Hoosiers for Indiana said...

Ballard campaigned on transparent government and not "spinning" the government data. Peterson had lost his base, because of the spinning of data.

Many saw Ballard as a light in the forest, not as "paradigm".

So, why is Ballard not campaigning on transparent government and not spinning the data? Because he didn't keep his campaign promises.

Ronald Rodgersd