Monday, April 25, 2011

Pacers Great Run Fails to Change My Mind

As you may remember, I was pretty tough on Mayor Greg Ballard when he caved and gave in to the Indiana Pacers by agreeing to pick up the tab for the Pacers' poor planning when it came to paying their bills and obligations.

While I'm rooting like heck for my hometown team to win the next three games and dispatch the Chicago Bulls in the playoffs, I still think that the Pacers deal, like so many others Mayor Ballard has brokered, is bad for the city and is bad for the future.

No need to rehash the situation, but I wanted to let you know that my position on the Pacers remains the same. We, the taxpayers, got a bad deal.

I still think there's not much of a market for an NBA franchise these days, and, while former NBA markets like Seattle and Kansas City may be hotspots for future relocation, the plight the City of Sacramento and the Kings are currently experiencing certainly underlines that it's not as easy as pulling up stakes and moving your tent to a new city.

Personally, I still would have called the bluff of the Pacers and worked to get a better deal than have just written the check the team wanted.

All of that said, congratulations to the Pacers, and it's great to see the team back in the NBA spotlight! I was wrong on a number of things I said in that post. The Pacers now show tremendous and bright signs of life for the future. Let's hope that this renaissance continues.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

My position on the Pacers never had anything to do with the current success (or failure) The fact is professional sports teams are a bad investment, virtually every academic study has proved that. The penalties in the contract for early termination were so substantial that it was clear the team wasn't going anyplace and it was all a bluff.

The fact is we taxpayers paid to build Conseco Fieldhouse and now pay to operate it, yet we give the Pacers 100% of the revenue on the building, even from events that have nothing to do with the Pacers. In what bizarro world does that make sense.