Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Obama Launches 2012 Campaign

If you haven't seen President Barack Obama's 2012 launch video, here it is. It hits on many of the 2008 campaign themes. The fact that he's visiting Indiana on Friday also means that he's not conceding the Hoosier State.

Obama gets the early jump on almost all of the possible Republican challengers.


Atlanta Roofing said...

It’s going to be interesting to see what platform he runs on and what achievements he cites. Personally, I have mixed feelings on his Presidency. I think on the one hand he came in with enormous hope and expectation but has failed to live up to that. There have been some campaign promises which weren’t met.

non surgical ways to lose weight NE Phila said...

If Obama doesn't fix the economy, fuel prices, the wars in the middle east he is going to lose big time. One little skirmish sent Jimmy "Carter packing and will do the same for Obama!!!

Delawore Gastric Sleeve said...

Yes I agree the wars in gulf, afganistan and Pakistan are costing USA more than expected.