Friday, April 1, 2011

Kennedy Wonders If Ballard Administration Is Out of Touch with Public Safety Dept.?

Melina Kennedy released a statement criticizing Mayor Greg Ballard's stance against amnesty for illegal handgun owners when his own Public Safety Department is having what amounts to a handgun turn in event that could be considered, you guessed it, amnesty.

Here's the release from the Kennedy camp:
INDIANAPOLIS – Today, Melina Kennedy, Democratic candidate for mayor of Indianapolis, issued the following statement after learning details surrounding the Mayor’s amnesty programs.

“I am alarmed by the Mayor’s apparent disconnect with his own public safety office."

Earlier this week, the Mayor stated in the Indianapolis Star that he was clearly against gun amnesty programs, yet the next day the Mayor’s office revealed details about his upcoming gun amnesty program, which would prevent guns from being tested to determine if they were used in crimes; destroy evidence needed to solve ongoing murder and violent crimes; and allow violent offenders to walk free.

"The Mayor committed to take control of public safety, but it is clear by his own office proposing a gun amnesty program he said he questioned just the day before, that he has lost all control," Kennedy stated.

So, which is it Mr. Mayor?

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