Saturday, April 23, 2011

John Gregg To Form Exploratory Committee for Governor

Former Indiana Speaker of the House John Gregg told the Evansville Courier-Press that he plans to form an exploratory committee to run for Governor of Indiana.

Gregg is the first candidate to jump for the Democrats (though he did leave wiggle room in his talk with the Courier-Press). State Senate Minority Leader Vi Simpson is also likely to seek the nomination. Republican Jim Wallace has announced his candidacy, and, as most of you know, Republican Mike Pence is expected to run as well.


Anonymous said...

Dems will nominate Vi Simpson if they want to get below 40% of the popular vote.

JLT Part Deux.

Anonymous said...

funny that is what they said about Hilliary Clinton...she is too liberal...she is the most hated woman in she is the widely respected Secretary of State

Jon E. Easter said...

This time around, it's totally different, anon 4/23 10:12 p.m. TOTALLY. We are in a different situation than 2008 with a seat that's going to be open.

Anonymous said...

I just dont want another Jill Long Thompson.......her candidacy cost the Dem party immensely. I don't think it was because she was female.

Anonymous said...

Besides being female Democrats, what else to Vi Simpson and JLT have in common? I can answer my own rhetorical question. Nothing.

Anonymous said...

A card carrying lib from blgtn can't win statewide.

What's she going to run on, abortion? Gay rights? I'm a progressive but know those are loser issues for us statewide.

What does she bring to the table?

Actually jlt is far better, at least on paper.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha vi ain't no hillary! Nice try though.

Hell, vi actually IS liberal (see also Iraq war authorization). Which again is a problem for most voters (not me personally) in Indiana (excluding a few city centers)