Friday, April 29, 2011

Is It Legal for Mayor Ballard to Refuse to Enforce Ordinance?

I ask this question openly because I don't know. Channel 13 has the story below.

Mayor Ballard is refusing to enforce an ordinance passed during his administration that, presumably, he signed into law. As Channel 13 points out, this ordinance passed 25-4! It wasn't even close, and it was a bi-partisan ordinance.

Should we wonder why AFSCME's local unions endorsed Ballard when he's giving their members passes on gas for take home cars?

If I were the City-County Council, I would immediately hold hearings and call the Mayor in to explain why he can pick and choose what ordinances he enforces...especially when his signature is on them. Since Ryan Vaughn is so close to the Mayor, don't expect it to happen soon.

Melina Kennedy said in a campaign release last week that, as Mayor, she would enforce the ordinance when she is Mayor bringing in up to $600,000 for the city.

This is only the latest ordinance this Mayor has refused to enforce. More than one of my friends in law enforcement tell me that Mayor Ballard still is not in compliance with the police merger ordinance that provided for more former Marion County Sheriff's deputies to be in command positions in the merged IMPD than there are now.

This could be money the Mayor didn't have to pass off on the citizens of Indianapolis. Instead, he refuses to collect the fee. It's reprehensible behavior by a man who promises "Leadership at Work." This is the kind of leadership Ballard promises: NONE.

I think we need a new leader.


Indy Student said...

Laws are selectively not enforced all the time. Look at the laws that are completely ignored on campaign signage and their placement in right-of-ways. Completely ignored every May and November.

Also, AFSCME doesn't have much of a voice on this particular issue. Almost all take-home city cars are in the Department of Public Safety and, more specifically, IMPD. That would fall under the FOP.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Selective enforcement under some circumstances yes....but complete non-enforcement of an ordinance? No the Mayor doesn't have the authority to do that. If that were the case, we could just disband the council completely.

Anonymous said...

I thought maybe Ballard was going to go off the deep end again with his "inhereted paradigm" blathering.

2012 can't come soon enough.