Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Indiana Todds (and a Marlin) Demonstrate Predictable Behavior on Budget

The Republican-led Congressional Budget Committee has come forward with a plan to cut $6 trillion from federal spending. Democrats contend that the bill would partially privatize social security and damage other programs like medicare and medicaid while dishing out more tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

To me, the Democrats' concerns look well founded. Helping to design this messy and political budget, were Indiana's two Todds: Todd Rokita and Todd Young (and Marlin Stutzman, too.

Todd Young's Congressional website posted this video of the freshman Representative from Indiana's 9th District announcing the plan to partially privatize Social Security and change Medicaid. You may recall, Young called Social Security a "Ponzi Scheme" during the campaign against Baron Hill.

Over Young's left shoulder is Todd Rokita of Indiana's 4th Congressional District. Rokita appeared on the somewhat nationally-syndicated Dana Show on WIBC Tuesday. He told the host that right now is the time to begin to consider how spending cuts will effect "Grandma's check" in a talk about Social Security.

To me, we can talk about spending cuts, but to give that money back in the form of more tax cuts for the wealthy is just sickening. Taking money out of the pockets of our most vulnerable citizens is no way to balance a budget.

Sadly, two Indiana Todds (and a Marlin) are right there front and center. What a great disappointment for our state.

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