Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Facebook Drafting Underway

While some 2012 hopefuls are out using Facebook in a proactive manner, others are seeing supporters cobble up "draft pages" that are in hopes of luring politicians of the past or present to run for office.

Right now, there is a tremendous battle between the draft pages of Vi Simpson and John Gregg. Both have significant support with Simpson's page drawing over 500 supporters to date. Gregg's page has drawn over 325 so far. Both politicans are being urged to run for Governor. With Simpson busy until after the General Assembly session, Gregg has actually been out and on the ground perhaps setting the scene for a possible run at the state's highest executive office. Either candidate will be tremendous if they decide to run.

Today, I saw a page pop up that wants to "Bring Back Brad" Ellsworth. When I first checked the page, it had just 25 or so supporters. That now has changed to over 50, and I'm sure by the time you read this that number will have grown. Whether Ellsworth will actually run or not remains to be seen. He has publicly said that he won't be a candidate for office in 2011 or 2012. That, of course, could change when he sees the detail of the proposed new 8th District map. If there's a Democrat that can win that district, it's the former Congressman.

As I said in the lead, other possible 2012 hopefuls have been out and about touting their activities on Facebook. Sam Locke has created a "Stand With Sam" page. He is thought to be considering a run for the 9th District Congressional Seat now held by the disastrous Todd Young. Democrat Andrew Straw has also created a page for a possible Congressional run. I am sure I'm missing a bunch of others!

All of this underlines what a powerful force the social networking site founded just a few years ago has become in the world of politics.

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