Monday, April 11, 2011

Democrats Motivated to Take Back City-County Building

On Saturday, I attended the United Wayne Township Democratic Club Candidates and Community Breakfast. It's one of the highlights of my political year, and the Wayne Township club really does a great job with its events. What I noticed was how fired up everyone was and how ready they are for a change at the City-County Building.

While municipal elections typically are "down years" in both interest and voting numbers, I noticed what seemed to be a lot more people at the breakfast than in the past few years. It wasn't all candidates and hardcore party faithful, either. They were there for sure, but there were many rank-and-file Dems there that I had never met, as well. Several others were ready to trudge out into the rain and canvass following the breakfast.

I continue to be impressed by Melina Kennedy. She was the only Mayoral candidate at the event, and she gave a rousing speech about how important it is to have a Mayor that's not only participating in functions like this but that is connected to what's going on in the community at large. She talked about some of the challenges the city faces and that the next Mayor will have to deal with. She also quipped that the next time that this breakfast will be held, it will again be called "the Mayor's Pancake Breakfast" as it was during the Peterson Administration.

It was a great event, and it was proof to me that Democrats are more than ready to take back the last executive office that Republicans hold. The City-County Building must seem awfully blue to Mayor Ballard. I think it's about to get more blue in November.


Paul K. Ogden said...

Did Kennedy use the word "paradigm" when she spoke to the crowd?

Anonymous said...

Do yourself a favor Easter, and NOT compare Ms Kennedy to former Mayor Peterson in any way, shape or form, even a "mayors pancake breakfast'.
Regardless of your opinion of him and his 2 terms as Mayor, he got thrown out in a most embarrassing way. To remind people that she was in his cabinet is enough to turn a lot of people off the idea of voting for her. Just food for thought.