Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lugar Getting In Hot Water Over Voter Registration

Indiana's senior Senator, Richard G. Lugar, is in trouble, and it doesn't have anything to do with Richard Mourdock.

Apparently, according to fellow blogger Paul Ogden, Lugar has apparently been using an address where he has not resided for years for his voter registration address. Of course, this is all in the spotlight because of the indictment of Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White. What's very strange is that Lugar owns a Decatur Township farm which could have easily been used as an address for voting purposes.

Ogden's original post and subsequent post comparing Lugar's situation to the White situation are both well worth your time and reading.

What a sloppy mess the Senator has gotten himself into. The local media has picked up on the story. Lugar's camp, as Ogden points out, is pleading its case on odd ground, as well.

This will be a story to watch!


Paul K. Ogden said...

Lugar has now admitted it's not his residence and that he's been using the address to vote for decades even though he hasn't lived there for years.

He's trying to make a defense that Indiana law allows him to vote at this address since he's been in Washington, D.C. But that's not what the statute and constitutional provision says. It says that someone can't lose their residence because of service on behalf of the city or the nation. Lugar though lost his right to claim that address as his residence, not because of his service in D.C., but because he sold the house to someone else who now lives there.

All Lugar had to do was change his registration when he sold the house. Your suggestion is a good one...he could have simply listed his farm. Wouldn't have taken much to establish residence. You just can't claim it where someone else lives.

Some people are making a comparison with the situation with Bayh and the McDaniel residency challenge several years ago. Two differences. First, that was a challenge to whether he was qualified to run for Secretary of State, not an issue of his possibily committing voter fraud. Second, and more importantly, Bayh listed as his Indiana residence, property he actually owned in Vigo County. Lugar is using someone else's house.

Anonymous said...

I think a closer look at residency laws in Indiana will show that Lugar is in the clear as he has been in federal service. Intent is the key here.