Thursday, March 24, 2011

Johnson County Deputy Prosecutor Resigns Following Questions Over Walker E-mail

A former Johnson County Deputy Prosecutor is facing questions over a wild suggestion in an e-mail to Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

Carlos Lam apparently sent an e-mail (pictured to the side) to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker this past weekend telling him to stay strong and suggesting the Governor discredit the unions protesting his anti-worker views by faking a physical attack, reports say. The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism on its website published an update that included the following statement from Johnson County's Prosecutor, Bradley Cooper.

"Over the weekend, on his own time and on his own personal computer, one of my deputy prosecutors sent an e-mail to Governor Walker of Wisconsin that contained a foolish suggestion. He originally denied sending the e-mail claiming that his hotmail account had been hacked into. Early this morning, the deputy contacted me from his home, admitted to me that he did send the e-mail to Governor Walker and tendered his resignation, which I have accepted."

This is another embarrassing incident for a Republican officeholder involving the situation at the Wisconsin Statehouse.

Attorney General Greg Zoeller had to fire a Deputy Attorney General after the staffer suggested using live ammo on protesters in Wisconsin on Twitter last month.

Interesting note pointed out by a commenter. Look at the date on the e-mail. Looks like the Johnson County Prosecutor's timeline may be incorrect.


Anonymous said...

Look at the date - it was February 19, not this past weekend. Same week as the Jeff Cox tweets.

stAllio! said...

i thought i recognized that name! carlos lam is an occasional commenter on conservative blogs (AI, ogden, etc). here's his blogger profile—PERFblog is a wonky anti-union blog.