Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Joe Donnelly Looking at Senate Seat in 2012

Whatever the carnage is on the Republican side, it looks like the Democrats have a potential 2012 candidate for U.S. Senate, and that's Congressman Joe Donnelly.

Donnelly, one of the bluest of the Blue Dog Democrats, spoke in front of the Hamilton County Democrats' Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner on Monday night, and the Indianapolis Star reports that Donnelly dropped hints at his next political race in an interview before the event.

"I feel my experience is best served in the Senate," Donnelly told Indianapolis Star reporter, Robert Annis. As far as his future rounds go, Donnelly is booked at similar events across Central Indiana.

If he is truly thinking Senate over Governor, then that leaves essentially a three-horse race for the Democrats right now with another intriguing person on the outside. Senator Vi Simpson and former House Speaker John Gregg are reported to be seriously considering a run. Former Lake County Sheriff Roy Dominguez was running, but his plans are unclear now. Last night, I heard for the first time that former Lieutenant Governor Kathy Davis may be considering joining the race as well.

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