Tuesday, March 22, 2011

In Praise of...MIKE DELPH???? Nope, I Haven't Lost It

It has always been my policy to give credit where I feel that credit is due, regardless of political party.

Well, it doesn’t happen too much on this blog, but I have to hand it to Senator Mike Delph on this one. Unlike many Republican officeholders that continue to hold on to Tim Durham’s campaign donations, Delph has decided to take the high road and return the money donated by Durham, reports the Indianapolis Star. He also criticized those in his own party that aren’t returning the cash donated by Durham saying in a letter obtained by the Associated Press that he is “embarrassed” by their actions.

The Star reports that Governor Mitch Daniels took nearly $200,000 in donations from Durham. That money should be returned as well, but the Governor keeps saying there’s nothing to return and that the money has already been spent. Like that matters! If I steal $50 from someone and then go spend it, I’m still on the hook for it. Granted, it’s not the same situation, but Daniels owes the investors that Durham allegedly bilked out of millions of dollars in a Ponzi scheme some return on their money.

The Indiana Democratic Party has gotten in on the act releasing this scathing news release.

Last week, a federal grand jury indicted embattled Republican financier Tim Durham on 12 felony counts related to an alleged Ponzi scheme that defrauded hundreds of innocent victims.

Durham allegedly spent their money on a fleet of cars, lavish homes and his playboy lifestyle. He also donated more than $800,000 largely to Republican political candidates and campaigns, including hundreds of thousands to Gov. Mitch Daniels and the Indiana GOP.

We’ve repeatedly called on those recipients to give the tainted cash back to the victims. Slowly but surely, some Republicans are answering the call for justice.

Attorney General Greg Zoeller has isolated Durham’s donations and will return the money if Durham is convicted. Today, State Sen. Mike Delph announced he will send back the cash – and said he’s embarrassed and troubled by fellow Republicans who aren’t doing the same.

But what about Mitch Daniels, a governor with presidential ambitions who took almost a quarter-million dollars from a man who may be Indiana’s very own Bernie Madoff?

He’s repeatedly said he won’t give the money back because it’s already been spent.


So if your friend goes out, robs a bank and hands you a bag of cash, it’s okay to go buy a new pair of Italian loafers?

As more Republicans shove Durham’s dirty money back across the table, the GOP is going to have to choose between standing with a guy who allegedly ripped off innocent people or standing up for what’s right.

Call the Indiana Republican Party today – 1-800-466-1087 – and tell them you want Tim Durham’s dirty money returned to the honest, hard-working people it belongs to.

I am sure that like Daniels, Delph certainly spent the $10,000 that the Star says Durham donated his campaign back in 2006, but he’s doing the right thing and issuing a return of the donation five years after it was given. This cleans his hands of the situation.

When the Durham story first broke, Tim Motsinger, a Republican candidate for Marion County Sheriff, immediately suspended his campaign and returned all the money donated to him by Durham. Attorney General Greg Zoeller is holding aside campaign cash from Durham, and others are considering the same. Not Daniels.

So, I find myself in the odd position of praising Mike Delph. Don’t get used to it, though.

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