Saturday, March 26, 2011

In Memoriam: Geraldine Ferraro Passes at 75

News is just breaking, but several news agencies are reporting that former Congresswoman and Vice Presidential candidate, Geraldine Ferraro, has passed at the age of 75 from blood cancer.

Ferraro made history when she was tapped by Walter Mondale to be his Vice Presidential candidate in 1984. She was the first female and first Italian-American to accept a nomination for one of the two major parties. That was only part of the story though. As a District Attorney, Ferraro headed up a Special Victims Unit that stand up for those effected by violent crime. She was tough, outspoken, and fair. In Congress, she fought for women. She fought for equal pay, equal rights, and advocated for women and people of all ages and races.

Today, her life ended, but her legacy lives on. Geraldine Ferraro, gone today at 75.

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