Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In Case It Gets Deleted...

Here is the comment I left on Senator Delph's Facebook Page:

Senator Delph, with due respect, I must say that I strongly oppose SB 590. I have proudly signed the Indiana Compact, so I guess that makes me one of the ivory tower elites now that you speak of in the Indianapolis Star. Please follow the advice of your friend, Governor Daniels, and spend less time on divisive legislation like this bill that seek to pull us apart and get us yelling at each other.

Guess I should have made it "seeks"...oh get the point.


Paul K. Ogden said...

I actually do believe we need to enforce our immigration laws and that we're not doing it now.

But one of the reason why we have an enforcement probalem is tht the immigration system is horribly broken. Anyone who works in that area of the law knows how screwed up the system is. But the "enforcement only" crowd simply doesn't care. They claim to only be against "illegal immigration" but the fact they have no interest in fixing the system makes me think they don't like immigration period.

sonya said...

I very much oppose the SB-590!!!!! This will tear familys apart and children will loose their parents women/men will loose their spouses, and besides we are all illegal the americans stole this land from the indians.... America is supposed to be a free land, so what is the big problem with mexicans being here???? They dont bother anyone, or anything for that matter..... Imagine if this was a law that was going to tear your family apart would u still want to go through with it???? Cause i sure don't!!! My babies are half mexican and i dont want it to come to them loosing their daddy its just not the right thing to do!!!!!!!